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September 12 at 10AM at Bridger Creek. Cost is going to be $57 per person. That’s $35 for the round, $16 for cart, and $6 toward prizes. Prizes for winner, longest drive, closest to the pin, longest putt, and closest to the water on 1 of the holes. Prize amounts will depend on amount of players. Beer included

Contact Ryan Meissner @ 406-600-4200


The Cubs vs Brookies game this evening was postponed due to rain and lightning. This is unfortunate and will require some modifications to the remaining schedule in order to finish this game.

The Cubs vs Brookies will pick up where the left off on Friday @ 7:00pm. The originally scheduled Friday game will get moved to Saturday starting at 9:00am and will be play by the loser of the Cubs vs Brookies against the Mustangs. Thursday’s Warriors vs Black Sox will played as scheduled. The remaining Saturday games will get pushed back, but will stay on Saturday. Those start times will be 12:30pm, 4:00pm and 7:30pm. For Updated times, see attached image. All modified games are highlighted in red.

This is not an ideal situation, and apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused any player, fan and families.

Additionally, as a reminder there is no smoking or dogs allowed in the ballpark at Heroes Field. If you have friends or family that are violating either of these rules, please kindly ask them to take it outside. We are guest on these fields and need to treat their rules and field with respect. In addition, any player in violation of these rules will be suspended for the remainder of game as stated in the GVMABL rules and regulations (Signed by all players, coaches and board members). (Rule 9.01 section H.)

It is a privilege that we are able to have access to this field and lets not do anything that would put the entire league at risk of losing access to it. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


All games will be played at Heroes Field:

Game #1: Tuesday Aug 11th @ 7:00pm – Warriors vs Mustangs
Game #2: Wednesday Aug 12th @ 7:00pm – Brookies vs Cubs
Game #3: Thursday Aug 13th @ 7:00pm – Winner of 1st Game (Warriors vs Mustangs) vs Black Sox
Game #4: Friday Aug 14th @ 7:00pm – Loser of Game 1 vs Loser Game 2
Game #5: Saturday Aug 15th @ 10:00am – Winner of Game #2 vs Winner of Game #3
Game #6: Saturday Aug 15th @ 2:00pm – Winner of Game #4 vs Loser of Game #3
Game #7: Saturday Aug 15th @ 6:00pm – Winner of Game #6 vs Loser of Game #5

Game #8 Sunday Aug 16th @ 2:00pm – Championship Game #1
Game #9 Sunday Aug 16th @ 6:00pm – Championship Game #2

Due to games being rained out today we will have to make some adjustments to the following games..

On Sunday the Warriors vs the Mustangs will play at 2:00pm on Heroes Field. This game will be to determine home field for the first round of playoffs on Tuesday. Since the Mustangs will only have 18 games played at the end of the regular season where as everyone else will have play 19 games. The 4th and 5th place team will be determined by total games won vs win %. In the event of a tie the following criteria will be used to determine who gets home field….

1. Total # of Wins
2. Series WL between the two teams.
3. Series total runs scored
4. Season total runs scored.

As it sits right now the Mustangs have scored 26 runs against the Warriors and the Warriors have scored 24 runs.

If the Mustangs win tomorrow they will take home field. If the Warriors win by 1 run the Mustangs will take home field. If the Warriors win by 2 runs or more they will take home field advantage either by Series total runs scored or by season total runs scored.

At 6:00pm tomorrow at Heroes, the Black Sox and Cubs will play to determine 1st and 2nd place. If Cubs win they will have tied the regular season winning percentage and have won the series against the Black Sox 3-2. If the Black Sox win they will take 1st place by win percentage.

The Brookies have guaranteed the 3rd place spot in the postseason and will play the loser of the Black Sox vs Cubs game on Wednesday night.

While this is not an ideal situation, this is the best option that we could come up with to allow for as close to a fair end to season for all teams. It is extremely unfortunate as all 6 games this weekend had an impact on the ordering for the postseason, but we can control the weather and this is the best with the cards that were dealt to us.


The 2015 Postseason dates are available on the League’s Calendar ( The Opening Game will start on Tuesday August 11th @ Heroes Field and will go to Sunday August 16th. All weekday games will start at 7:00pm and will be played on Heroes Field in Bozeman. There will be 3 games on Saturday starting at 10:00am followed by the Championship Series on Sunday. While, the standings are postseason spots are still being determined you can see what place plays on which days.

This is a slight change from the 2014 Postseason with an extra week night game, to allow for additional rest in between games . For any questions regarding the postseason please contact your coach or Jeremy Docken.